The Smart Pig Goes to School

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Meet Smig, the Smart Pig, who is terrified for her first day of Kindergarten. Join her as she experiences school for the very first time. Not only does Smig make friends, she also learns so many new things on her first day!

This crayon-colored vibrant picture book, written in verse, can help new students overcome their anxiety about starting Kindergarten. Targeted for children ages 3-6, this is the first of a series of books featuring “The Smart Pig." Readers will be excited to join Smig on her other adventures based on events and holidays that happen during the school year.

The Smart Pig Goes to School is also an excellent resource for Kindergarten teachers! Comprehension and discussion questions are included at the end of the book so teachers can assess engagement and understanding.

Very scared about school,
meet a sweet little pig.
Kindergarten is new,
for the smart pig named Smig!