WaskaVillage Frequently Asked Questions

What is WaskaVillage?

    • WaskaVillage is a “village” of tiny shops. We have one larger building with bathrooms and a central checkout. There are also 10 small buildings connected with sidewalk. The area will be fenced in for safety and allow us to operate efficiently without staff at every building.

      Where did you get this idea?

        • It was the spring of 2020, Covid was forcing us all to stay inside and fear our own shadows, and Jayme was really bored. Jayme is an only child. Really bored only children have weird ideas. But in a nutshell, she was trying to figure out a way to shop and social distance. Also, we personally think we have one of the greatest lake communities, and adding a business that can adapt and compliment many of the other GREAT existing businesses we already have in Glenwood can be a huge asset to our community. We also hope we can be a springboard for new businesses down the road, giving them a way to start out without worrying about staff, insurance, point of sale systems; all the things that can be scary if you haven’t done it before (and learn as they go).

        Is there a charge to enter?

          • Nope, absolutely no admittance fee.

          Where do I park?

            • We are putting a row of parking on Pearl Street (the road next to the Grandstay Hotel) as soon as the weather allows. For now, your best place to park in on Minnesota Ave, in front of the main building.

          Will you be open year-round?

            • Yes, we plan to be open year-round. Our hours will probably be reduced in the winter, but we would really like to keep as many of the buildings open as we can.