Pay Day

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  • PAYDAY has always made household finances seem like fun (just where does all that money go?) Buy groceries, fix the car, pay the doctor, start a business, and more. You’ll make money every month, but you might spend it just as fast!

    The action takes place on a calendar playing board where something happens every day, just like real life. You may go on a family fun day, participate in a charity walk or celebrate your birthday.

    You’ll receive all sorts of mail – some good (postcards!) and some not so good (bills!). You’ll get a chance to make money on deals (buy a pizza place!). You might even get rich quick by hitting the lottery! The best day is at the end of the month, Payday – where you get your salary. Hooray!

    Play as many months as you want (3 months is typical). At game’s end, pay off all your bills and loans, then see how much cash you have left. The player with the most money wins! Your money-managing skills will improve every time you play.